Success Story
Survey says: Help buttons increase tickets 18%

This major retailer determined that shoppers who use Smart Response help buttons spent, on average, 18 percent more than the typical ticket. A powerful result, but how did they know? The method was surprisingly simple – they asked! By asking respondents participating in POS ticket on-line surveys if they used help buttons, the data was easily correlated and the results were in.

When shoppers get the help they want when and where needed, they buy more… a lot more. Instant awareness builds sales – Smart Response.

About Indyme


Welcome to Indyme!

Indyme Solutions designs, builds, and supports Smart Response systems used in some 22,000 retail stores worldwide.

These technology solutions increase the effectiveness of on-the-go work teams by providing instant notification of urgent workplace events. This enables the team to promptly address issues, resulting in increased sales, reduced shrink, and improved efficiency. Even better, activity data drives revealing reports providing corporate management with a unique view into store operational effectiveness – and how to improve it.

History – a note from the founder…

Indyme started from a frustrating shopping experience. I had selected most items needed for a home DIY project, but a salesperson’s help was required to access one last item. After a diligent search for assistance, I was advised by a clerk to return and wait for the “right salesperson”.

After more waiting and additional searching, I gave up, abandoned the cart with about $100 of merchandise, and headed to another store. Driving away, I wondered how many other discouraged shoppers did the same thing every day. What a terrible loss of income and goodwill!

No purchase was made that day, but the germ of an idea emerged – a way to reliably provide shoppers with prompt personal assistance when and where needed. Even better, verified by metrics empowering management to continuously improve service delivery.

I approached the CEO of the same 300-store chain in which I had my unfortunate experience. He enthusiastically embraced the concept. So, with his encouragement (and a small advance for two prototype systems), a nucleus of engineers started work on what today is the powerful and versatile solutions family known as Smart Response.It didn’t take long for other retailers, recognizing the value of our patented approach, to embrace and adopt this new solution…and to ask how we might solve other problems in their stores. Then, as now, we loved the challenge.

It’s been 25 years since that fateful shopping day and we’re thankful for the many clients since who have confided in us over the years. And though we’ve created hundreds of solutions for our valued clients, we are honored so many continue to surface unique new problems and opportunities for us to tackle.If some of our solutions look interesting to you, or if you have a problem that seems to have no solution, let’s talk. Let us put our experience to work for you, too!

Steve Deal
Founder and Chairman

Company Capabilities

Indyme is a privately held company headquartered in sunny San Diego, California (come visit us!). We are a true solutions provider with a history of working closely with clients to identify new ways to solve problems. In some cases, these solutions are cooperative efforts with alliance partners who are also providing technology and other solutions to our clients.In addition to the San Diego facility, Indyme National Account Managers and International Managers are strategically located in various states and countries. Our reseller network also provides Indyme solutions in the US and in many countries.

Indyme’s capabilities include:

  • Team fluent in communication technologies (networking, wireless, telephony, etc.)
  • Large existing extensible solutions suite
  • Collaborative solutions definition technologists
  • Product and systems design engineering (software, electronics, hardware)
  • Manufacturing and fulfillment (most products are made in the USA)
  • Deployment project management (multi-site coordination)
  • Worldwide installation and field service network
  • Technical help desk (levels 1 through 3; 24/7 option)
  • Remote systems administration, monitoring, diagnostics services
  • Data gathering, processing, and reports web-posting services
Phone +1-858-268-0717