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Smart Sense Touch Technology Empowers Retail Store Teams

Heightened awareness drives proactive customer service and loss prevention actions RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference; Orlando, FL – May 3, 2015 –   Indyme, a leading provider of real-time shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies, presented today the Smart Sense Touch™,  a new technology which instantly alerts retail staff to sales opportunities and suspicious activities. Lean […]

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Indyme Solutions Builds and Supports Smart Response

Smart Response. It’s about instant awareness of urgent actionable events happening in your stores right now.

Store teams with Smart Response instantly know when and where a shopper desires assistance, a cashier needs support, a perimeter door unexpectedly opens, a camera detects a suspicious event, and much more. It delivers real-time awareness resulting in prompt actions that build sales, reduce shrink, and increase the effectiveness of lean store teams.

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Smart Response activity reports uniquely quantify store-level qualitative execution by revealing such things as shopper assistance request frequency and response times. This chainwide information pinpoints stores with improvement opportunities and reveals operational and staffing change impacts.

Smart Response. It’s adaptable, flexible, powerful. Let’s explore what Smart Response can do for your business.

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